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ADR is an upcoming Service provider for fulfilling your Cargo and logistics requirements all over India. We offer customized services ranging from Domestic to International.

ADR offers value added services of warehousing, packing and distribution of your material. This involves the process of Planning, Implementing and controlling the storage and distribution of valued production as per customer’s requirement. The company offers the option of packing your material as per the requirement to ensure that your shipment is delivered in good shape at its final destination.

Believing in the power of synergy and team work, our focus is on the quality of work and inculcates the spirit of extending customized service as per our client's specific requirements. Each one of us work as a team and understand our responsibility in delivering the best service.

By way of dedicated and qualified customer service recruits, coordinating, directly with you to comprehend your business and assist in finding the precise solutions to any delivery problems you may face.

Our dependable and trust worthy dispatch pick up workers together with our staff service will solve all dispatch problems by ensuring that your documents, samples and shipments, etc. reach their destinations in good time. You can be rest assured that our workforce will work day in and day out to help you achieve least price with maximum output. We undertake the most stringent safety measures.

With us there is no chance of loss, pilferage or damage to your package. Besides, our staff is always eager to assist you in every way possible.

So once your package is in our hands, you can rest assured that it will be delivered at express speed to the desired destination with utmost care.

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